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The Facts About Mental Health Everyone Needs to Know

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Stress, depression, and anxiety are common things we know about mental health disorders. Yes, everybody has the same portion of the chance to suffer even from other mental illness whether you live in Greeley, OC, or even another city in the world. Simply talk, no one wants to live with the mental illness since it can harm the overall health condition and one’s life. Well, here are six general facts related to mental health disorders that we must understand.

1. Everyone is worried

Anxiety disorders are the most common condition of mental health disorders. Quoting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this anxiety disorder is more common in women. They have a 15 percent chance of having an anxiety disorder.

2. Has many types

There are at least six main types of mental health disorders. These disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

3. Symptoms

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that most people develop symptoms of anxiety disorders before they turn 21. Symptoms vary greatly depending on the type of disorder they develop. In general, a person will develop a disorder if he is constantly feeling depressed, experiencing insomnia, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and sweating.

4. Causes

Experts believe that there are two main causes for a person experiencing mental health disorders, namely genetics and stress. Research has shown that some families have a higher risk than other families in general. Mental health disorders can also be caused by stress, and trauma from events.

5. Treatment plan

For now at least three main types of treatments are offered to deal with anxiety disorders, namely: psychotherapy, prescription drugs and complementary health approaches such as stress and other relaxation techniques. The type of treatment given usually depends on the symptoms that appear.

What Parents Need to Do for the Mental Health of the Children

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In childhood, healthy growth is not only marked by physical changes but also accompanied by mental development. Both physical and mental health are needed by children to live the lives of adolescents to adulthood. However, children’s mental health needs tend to be difficult to understand and are very likely to be missed by parents in caring for children. You can even involve the Littleton mental health professional to ensure that your loved children will not have any mental health issues.



Why is it important to maintain a child’s mental health?

Children’s mental health is not only interpreted as the mental condition of children who do not experience mental illness but also includes the ability to think clearly, control emotions, and socialize with their age. Children who have good mental health will have a number of positive characters, such as being able to adapt to circumstances, face stress, maintain good relations and rise from difficult conditions. Conversely, poor mental health in childhood can cause more serious behavioral disorders due to mental and emotional imbalances, and the social life of children who are not good.

What needs to be done in maintaining a child’s mental health

Optimal mental development of children must begin with a good mental health condition. Here are some things parents can do to maintain a child’s mental health:

1. Allowing children to play

For children, playing time is just a time for fun, when in fact this time is also when children learn things. When playing, children are also helped to be creative, learn how to solve problems, and how to control themselves. Actively moving while playing also helps children become physically and mentally healthy.

2. Encourage children to socialize

Besides playing with parents, children also need to interact with their age. Playing with peers will help children recognize weaknesses and strengths in themselves, and learn to live side by side with others. Finding a child’s playmate can be done by taking the child to visit the neighborhood, recreation area, or enroll a child in school.

3. Teach children to enjoy the process

Teach children to understand that winning or achieving goals is not everything, and enjoying the process is the most important thing in doing something. When a child joins a match or plays a sports game, try asking the child’s feelings when he plays rather than asking if he won the game. Always demanding a child to win can trigger fear of defeat, or concern in trying new things, and this can frustrate the child.

Symptoms of Unhealthy Mental Condition: Know How to Maintain Your Mental Health

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No matter individual lives, whether in Fort Collins, if she or he is protected from mental illness symptoms and benefit from his potential to harmonize the functioning of his soul, it means he or she has the healthy mentality. The mentally ill group. Unhealthy groups are people who feel disturbed by the peace of their hearts. This mental abnormality is usually caused by an individual’s inability to face the reality of life, so that a mental conflict arises in him. It’s important to ensure that you have good mental health condition since you know how to maintain it well. Common symptoms that are mentally unwell, which can be seen in several aspects, include:

1. Feelings
People who are mentally unwell will always feel anxious because they are unable to solve the problems they face.

2. Mind
A person who is mentally unwell will affect his mind, so he feels that he is unable to continue what he has planned before, such as not being able to concentrate on doing something work, lazy, forgetful, apathetic and so on.

3. Anxiety
Uncertain feelings, panic, fear without knowing something is feared and cannot eliminate the anxiety and worry about it. Too many things cause uneasy anxiety.

4. Envy your heart
Often people feel jealous of the happiness of others. This juice is not because of the decay of his heart as usual people think, but because he himself does not feel happy in his life.

5. Sadness
Unreasonable sadness, or too many sad things so that the water will always cause sadness, even though he is a capable, high-ranking, valued person and so on. Actually this sad feeling happens a lot. Many of us see people who have never been happy in their lives. The reasons are various, there are mothers who feel lonely because their children have not needed it anymore, while you are no longer like you were.